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Free Email Templates for Strategic Partnerships, Cross Promos and Co-Marketing

The people you want to partner with get a hundred emails a day so how you reach out to them is pretty important. You must be strategic. You must be honest. You must be clear, and you must be straight to the point. Below, I’ve put together a few free email templates that will help you when cold emailing new strategic partners.

But, before you scroll down to the templates let me share two important stories that helped guide me as I crafted these emails.

The first is a story is from a popular I read in the book, “How to Win Friends and Influence people”. In the book, Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of The United States of America, was celebrated for his unique ability to formulate letters (remember this was the mid-nineteen century) in a way that would always achieve an excellent response, even when requesting something from opposing political parties.

Lincoln’s style was simple. Begin each letter with what you can do for them, and end the letter with what you’d like in return. So, instead of asking for something upfront in the letter, President Lincoln would first offer something valuable to catch the recipients interest.

Simple and genius.

The other story is about the most successful email ever sent. Coincidently, this story is also about our 44th President of the United States. During the 2008 Presidential election his campaign sent out an email with one of the highest open rates in the history of email.

The subject line of this email simply said, “Hey”.

Think about that subject line. It’s short, so it stands out from all the other long subject lines in your inbox. The word “Hey” by itself seeming comes from a friend or someone you know, which led to an even higher open rate.

Long story short. This magical, yet simple subject line led to millions of campaign dollars. It was the most successful email of the entire campaign.

On to the cold email strategic partner templates.

Strategic Partnership Subject Lines

Here’s a list of subject lines that you can use with any of the below emails. It’s totally up to. My best recommendation is that you switch it up and try different subject lines.

  • My customers would love AppName – Can we chat?
  • Can I tell my customers about AppName?
  • “Saw you on PromoMeet” (If you’re using PromoMeet of course)
  • “Sandra…” (Just use their first name and a few dots)

Email Body Template 1

Hi Sandra,

I think my customers would love AppName. I have about 50,000 people on my email list and I’d love to share your app with them.

Perhaps we could partner and do cross promotion together and grow both of our businesses?

Perhaps we could partner and do cross promotion together and grow both of our businesses?

My email is
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Bill Madison

Email Body Template 2

Hello Sandra,

I have about 50,000 Facebook followers that need your app!

I think we actually share the same customers, but our products don’t compete. Any interest in doing a cross promotion together to grow both of our businesses?

I’m not looking for money. I just think we could co-market our products to our customers and grow our businesses together, overnight.

I’m open to all ideas: My email is

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Bill Madison


I just want to say thank you for visiting PromoMeet and reading my article. I hope you found the cold email templates useful when reaching to potential strategic partners. Feel free to share the templates, edit them and use then how you wish. They are 100% free.

Good luck!